Graphic Design

Playbill Template
True Colors Theatre Company

Client requested a playbill template for their upcoming 2019/2020 theater season focusing on women storytellers, actors, directors, etc., and based around West African storytellers known as Griots.  Color and pattern based on traditional West African fabric themes, as well as True Colors Theatre Company’s website.

UI Design
Accessibility Checklist App

Design the layout and functionality of an application to be used on environmental accessibility site surveys. App design required simple layout and flow to be accessible for both individuals with and without a disability. Contrast, font choice, and ease of flow were highly considered in the design of this layout.

Program Guide
WA State Behavioral Health Employment Conference

Client requested conference theme and program guide be created based around their “Great Minds @Work” organizational logo.

Business Card
Foxglove Cove

Design based around Victorian aesthetic with modern colors and featuring illustration examples.

Website Navigation Icons
Accessible Design & Innovative Inclusion Center

Client requested icons for ease of navigation on their client facing web page.

Book Layout + Illustrations
“No, No, Nora” children’s book

Client was local children’s author D.M Darroch who commissioned 24 illustrations plus book layout design for her story “No, No, Nora” about a mischievous kitten and her various adventures.